Viewgres Quartz Porcelain Tile

Available in 1cm, 2cm & 3cm thickness

Tile Size


  • 600mm x 600mm x 10mm | 24″ x 24″
  • 450mm x 900mm x 10mm | 18″ x 36″
  • 600mm x 1200mm x 10mm | 24″ x 48″


  • 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • 600mm x 900mm x 20mm
  • 600mm x 1200mm x 20mm

Surface Effect

Matt | R11

Tile Info

Formed by the rocks from Lake Orta, Italy, Quartz is hard and richly-colored. Through sedimentation of Quartz stones and washing of the lake water over billions of years in crustal movement, Quartz has become strong, tough, massive and uniquely-colored.