Viewgres Travertine Porcelain Tile

Available in 1cm & 2cm thickness

Tile Size


  • 600mm x 600mm x 10mm | 24″ x 24″
  • 450mm x 900mm x 10mm | 18″ x 36″


  • 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • 600mm x 900mm x 20mm
  • 600mm x 1200mm x 20mm

Surface Effect

Matt | R11 | Lappato

Tile Info

Quarry of the Producing Area:tivoli, Italy, is located in western slope of Sabini, Mti, uere Tributary ANI inland. Travertine is derived from the ancient stone(tiburtinus), water soluble rock sedimentary formation of porous minerals, a kind of great research value of stone material, has always been an important building material, was chosen as a portico at st Peter’s square, st Peter’s dome of the stone.

Inspired by nature and achieved through technology, the Travertine Series offers old world design with all the advantages of todays porcelain tile.